Must Visit YouTube Channels for Kissing Pranks

As you are reading this means you love to watch kissing pranks and you are surely aware about few famous YouTube channels on it. But there are also some more awesome channels based on Kiss pranks and similar social experiments.

Must Visit YouTube Channels for Kissing Pranks

So below is the list of YouTube channels where you can enjoy kissing prank videos, most of them are low and moderate in the terms of popularity, but worthy to visit.

1. Prank Invasion

Prank Invasion

The most popular and as well as most controversial YouTube destination, but viewers can’t ignore it. Its each video is just like a viral one and some got more than 10 million views.  All its pranks are based on a similar concept but have different flavor each time.

Subscribers:  2.4 Million
Most Popular Video:  41 Million Views

Social Profiles: Facebook | Twitter

2. Crazy for Love

Crazy for Love

This YouTube channel is totally different and a game changer because there is a girl who does kissing pranks on boys, which itself is a daring task to do. There are lots of videos there, also based on lifestyle and have some personal ones too. And I am totally sure that all guys here want to be pranked by Crazy for Love, why not it’s a free kiss by a cute girl.

Subscribers: 69K
Most Popular Video:  1.8 Million Views

Social Profiles: Facebook | Google Plus

3. Patty Mayo

Patty Mayo

With a joyful and fun approach it has many kissing pranks along with the other genres. There are no hardcore kisses in the videos but sweet casual ones just for fun. There are simple games and tricks in the pranks which are appealing to broad audience.

Subscribers: 0.3 Million
Most Popular Video: 17 Million Views

Social Profiles: Facebook | Twitter

4. Hey Homie 310

Hey Homie 310

It is more a kissing social experiment place with hot girls and real kissing. Its highlight is lesbianism and they have a whole series which is dedicated to it, named “Girl Kissing Random Girls”. Their many videos are age restricted by the service and some are banned because of the controversial subject. As the channel claim, the material they upload is not their hottest and they have much hotter videos than that which users can watch by paying them.

An interesting fact about “Hey Homie 310” is that they have over 6 Million views on some videos but their subscribers are less than 50K.

Subscribers: 49K
Most Watched Video: 7.4 Million Views

Social Profiles: Google Plus

Also, you have to visit a channel called “Girls Going Viral” to take whole pleasure of “Hey Homie 310”. They both are a kind of joint ventures and videos are uploaded randomly on each one from the series.

5. Angry Picnic

Angry Picnic

A Quality over quantity place to watch kissing pranks, loaded with creative ideas. Each of the channel’s pranks are totally different in nature. So you can spend 20-25 minutes without getting bored there. However you better hit their search bar instead of searching manually 🙂

Subscribers: 0.4 Millions
Most Popular Video:  1.1 Million Views

Social Profiles: Facebook | Twitter

6. Buzz Pranks

Buzz Pranks

An all in one place like this website which collects and shows pranks from different channels on YouTube. Most of the above mentioned channel’s videos can found on Buzz Pranks. There are also completion clips there. It’s a must visit source, you can save your precious time and can watch a wide range of stuff without exploring much.

I found this channel with the most amount of content, there is endless quantity of pranks. After scrolling 4-5 min, I quit to find more.

Subscribers: 1.1 Million
Most Watched Video: 12 Million views (what I found)

Social Profiles: Facebook | Twitter

Prank ON is another YouTube destination which is a good alternative of Buzz Pranks.

7. Barry Bee Pranks

Barry Bee Pranks

Totally inspired by Prank Invasion, similar idea in each video but features different faces and sometimes different language :). If you are tired of seeing Chris kissing girls then switch to this channel. The only freshness I found is the locations of some pranks which are done at public domains like Airport, London Underground etc.

Subscribers: 0.28 Million
Most Watched Video: 13 Million Views

Social Profiles: Facebook | Twitter

That’s all friends, this post is to help you and if you want to help others then comment below with a Channel name popping in your Mind.

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