A Simple Guide to Make a Successful Prank Call Step by Step

I have posted a lot of videos based on prank call on this website, so now I have a fair Idea about the elements needed for its success. Also, to take a deeper and accurate knowledge on this topic, I have gone through my research on the web. While reading about tips on prank call on the Internet, I noticed a lot of info overload and a bit mess. Then I decide to make it straight forward and simple.

Guide to Make a Successful Prank Call Step by Step

So below is a step by step guide which will cover the whole structure of a professional and successful prank call which you can follow in real life.

Before starting I want to remind you that phone call jokes are just for fun, so maintain a distance from serious damages. Furthermore the guide also covers legal acceptance related to the topic, so must read it before dialing any number.

Step 1: Hide You Identity

So this is going to be your first step. You should prioritize to not show your victims your actually caller ID, not only this is safe for you but this will also save your whole prank and preparation by getting failed in case the person you called somehow have you phone number in the contact list. And obviously choose a new name.

There are apps and web services which will make your caller ID anonymous and you can choose a custom one also.

Step 2: Choose Your Victims

There are a bunch of people around you to prank them on phone. So choose anyone on which you are most comfortable and confident. It can be your cousin, new tuition teacher, a friend, any stranger, a workplace and even your parents. However, avoid people who are too serious and don’t take a joke.

Step 3: Make a Script of your Prank

It’s always good to do things with an accurate plan. So before calling anybody decide what you will say and how do you engage them for few minutes. Implement on scenarios which sounds real, always avoid fictional ones like: This is Batman, where is my Robin, this sounds funny but you will surely get hanged up in few seconds. Instead try something like this:

Suppose one of your buddy recently turned 18, you can call him as a representative of a club which eagerly wants him to join and reward him for becoming an adult.

However, you can’t go with the exact script, but try to maintain the theme. Also, understand the seriousness of your character, better to do few rehearsals.

Tip: Don’t Push It

So you called a stranger who is not interested in talking to you but you didn’t give up and call him again and again with different IDs and plans. This all can bring serious trouble to you, even police can involve if there is harassment.

You have dozens of options, make another try on them.

Legal Issues on a Prank Call

So you prank call your victims just for fun, but unknowingly you may break laws and the person can sue you. There are some conditions and characters which are considered too sensitive, hence restricted to play jokes on. Below are some points and laws you must remember to be able to continue the prank game.

  • Places to not call: Following are the places considered illegal and unethical to prank:
    Police and fire department, ambulance service, government officials and similar ones. Also, you cannot play any character related to them, like of a cop.
  • Harassing someone and behaving badly, this can be related to disrespect as well. So be gentle.
  • Spreading hate speech by commenting on one’s race, class, religion and accent.
  • In some regions recording a call without the person’s permission is a crime.

But most importantly your common sense makes you feel about the situation, if it’s going to a different direction then disconnect the call immediately because any legal issue can origin which is not mentioned here.

Also, must see this awesome video by Howcast

I hope now you a good understanding and have your DOs and DON’Ts for becoming a successful prank caller. So try it now and see the impressive results.

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