Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below are the answers of Frequently Asked Questions or Questions that can Pop Up in your mind.

Question 1. What is the criteria for a Prank to get displayed on
Answer – It works on a simple but effective algorithm which includes the following factors:

  1. Concept or the Idea of a Prank.
  2. Impact level of a Prank
  3. Entertainment Value
  4. Duration of the Video and etc.

Question 2. How the Reaction for a Prank is decided?
Answer – It is based on the concept of a prank and how it is presented to the viewers. For example: A prank which is low in entertainment value but has a good Idea behind will surely get a positive reaction in the form of a smiley.

Question 3. Who defines the Entertainment Value of a Prank?
Answer – It is our Personal choice, if Prankhits believe that a video is really entertaining then its meter will go higher.

Question 4. How Popularity Counter works?
Answer – For Popularity Counter we have made a simple algorithm. For every 100K views a video will get 4 out of 100. So if a video has over 2.5 million views then it will be counted +100 in the counter. For a Newly released video we evaluate how many views it can get in its first 12 months and then count it accordingly.

Question 5. What is meant by Suitable Audience for a Prank?
Answer – As indicating by the name, it means the most preferred audience for the video. For example: a serious scary prank or a gone wrong prank is non-suitable for Kids.