Coolest April Fools’ Prank Gifts Infographic: Beginner to Advanced Pranksters

If you are planning to prank somebody this April Fools’ Day but are short with the plan then this is a list of coolest prank items for you. The list is divided into 3 sections, beginner, intermediate and advanced. So pick one or multiple prank gifts from a list section that fits for you and make that somebody pranked.

The list contains items which you can gift to somebody or use yourself to prank others.

Coolest April Fools' Prank Gifts Infographic

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1. The Booty Shirt: This is one of the most easiest and ridiculous prank to play. This T-shirt gives the natural look of a bum popping out from a shred piece of T-shirt which hangs out and makes it realistic. Interestingly, everyone out there behind you is your April fools’ victim. Available at:

2. Funny Card:  It is the time for you to turn mischievous. This card from its cover seems absolutely insulting for your April fool. But the inside part of it will make them equally smiling. It is a sweet & sour gag gift. Available at:

3. Bloody Bathroom Soap: While your guests will be partying, you should prepare your washroom to prank them by putting this unique soap. It passes bloody red color when someone washes the hands. Make them dirty this April Fools’ Day. Available at:

4. Radio Control Fart Machine: Fart in public or in social gatherings is really disgusting and also a matter of laugh. This remote control fart device produces loud and realistic fart sounds from up to 50 feet. So just put it under somewhere and control others fart. Available at:

5. Underwear for the Head: Gift it to someone, wear it and turn super childish. This cap which looks like an underwear is actually designed to wear on the head. It is a cap underwear. You can even organize an underwear cap theme party this April fools’ day. Available at:


1. Talking Toilet Paper Spindle: It is a toilet paper spindle in which you can record your personalized message. Whenever someone uses the toilet paper, the motion sensors in the spindle detect it and play the message. The spindle is compatible with most toilet paper holders. There are unlimited gag possibilities with this. Available at:

2. Bloody Shower Curtain: This item will definitely turn nightmares into the reality. Turn your bathroom in an intense murder scene and just see your guests’ reactions. The blood prints on this curtain look very realistic. Available at:

3. Biohazard Crime Tape: It is a biohazard crime tape to prank someone or to give actual warnings. The gag possibilities are scalable with this. You can fool your friends after or before the party, or you can simply wrap this tape somewhere in your town to make it huge this year. Available at:

4. Prank Pack iArm: Simple yet the most impressive gag gift. It is just an empty box which seems to contain an innovative product to wear on arms. The box displays several fake pictures showing the use of the product. So wrap it this April Fools’ and put something unexpected inside the box. Available at:

5. Fake Parking Tickets: Now there is no way to escape from a parking penalty. Give or attach these parking violation tickets to vehicles you will find breaking parking rules, there will be a lot. These tickets have a super complaining and insulting language pitch to bring the fun. Available at:


1. Prank Pregnancy Test: It is a specially designed pregnancy test which always shows positive results when gets in contact with any liquid. The best part of it is that it does not have any clue on it about its fakeness, it looks absolutely genuine. So give a serious shock to your partner with this gag gift. Available at:

2. Sonic Meeting Disrupter: This device is simply harassing and may worth losing your job if used in the office. It creates that sharp uncomfortable sound. You can set the timer in it, once the device is turned on there is no way to turn off it until a secret code is entered in it. Available at:

3. Bloody Cut Hand Bone: Turn this April Fools’ Day into a zombie horror movie. This cut hand looks realistic because is not made with plastic but with latex. It comes in three different sizes (S,M,L). This item fits to serious pranksters. Available at:

4. Radio Control Centipede: No one likes Centipedes but everyone fears them. It will fearsome for your buddies when this giant Centipede will come to them. The toy functions with remote control and has a wiggling motion. It is made of plastic, so it is better to use it in dim light. Available at:

5. Horror Blood Pills: Create a tragic scene anywhere with these mouth blood capsules. The capsules contain food starch which turns red when mixes with the saliva. This is the super effective as well as cheap prank item, fifteen capsules worth few dollars. Available at:

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