7 Really Cool Android Apps Related to Kiss Prank and Games

Here is a list of 7 awesome android applications which are related to kissing prank and games that you will adore to have in your smartphone. All the apps are majorly vary from each other; each has its own fun.

Android Apps for Kiss Prank and Games

All the apps are light weight and just in 10MB

1. Kissme to Unlock

Kissme to Unlock

It is totally a prank app in which you have to kiss the lips displaying on the screen to unlock your device. However there is a hidden button somewhere which has to be pressed before to get your kiss accepted. So it’s a funny way fool your friends by letting them kiss again and again on the screen.

Play Store Rating: 3.8/5
Size: 1.5MB
Total Downloads: 100,000

2. Spin the Bottle Kissing Game

Spin the Bottle Kissing Game

A very realistic app which you can enjoy with group of people. Has the classic “Spin the Bottle” game but in an aggressive approach where the player spinning the bottle has to kiss the player whom the bottle points.  It also tells where to kiss the person like on neck or a French one. Up to seven people can have good time with it.

Play Store Rating: 3/5
Size: 1MB
Total Downloads: 500,000

3. Kissing Ability Scanner Prank

Kissing Ability Scanner Prank

Its name defines it all. You have to long kiss the lips on the screen, and then it starts analyzing and shows you the kissing expertise level in three terms: passion, romance and experience. But as it is a prank, so it just displays random data each time.

You can also imagine your partner which playing this and take full pleasure 🙂

Play Store Rating: 3.5/5
Size: 3.8 MB
Total Downloads: 5,000

4. How To Pick Up Girls

How To Pick Up Girls

It is a guide and entertainment app which have lots videos related to kissing pranks and tips. All the videos are collected and organized from famous YouTube channels like Hooman TV and Vitalyzd TV. You can enjoy it for several hours by watching hot girls and kisses.

Play Store Rating: 4.3/5
Size: 2 MB
Total Downloads: 100

5. Classroom Kissing

Classroom Kissing

Similar to games where you have to do a task without being caught by someone. This is a super cool kissing version of it where a player has to kiss the partner while in the classroom. But make sure your class teacher is not looking at you. More you kiss, more points you earn but if you fail anywhere then all will begin form zero.

Play Store Rating: 3.4/5
Size: 4.1 MB
Total Downloads: 1 Million

6. Kiss A Celebrity

Kiss A Celebrity

Obsessed with a celeb and want to kiss him/her? Here is a good chance to make it possible virtually. Just select the gender of a celebrity and kiss those juicy lips, it will tell you whom you just kissed. The app has 80 celebs listed whose names appeared randomly. Play it until you kiss your admirable one.

Play Store Rating: 3/5
Size: 5.6 MB
Total Downloads: 100,000

7. Kiss Your Friend

Kiss Your Friend

I found this one the most adorable and cool. You can play it as a prank or just make someone feel special by it. Open it and select the type of lips and one of two methods of kiss, by tapping or shaking.  When someone tap anywhere or shake your device, he/she will get a real looking kiss mark on the screen with a sweet smooch sound. I think it is also a great way to express your love to someone or make relation good again.

Play Store Rating: 3.9/5
Size: 4.4 MB
Total Downloads: 5,000

I have downloaded all of the apps mentioned above and tried each of them one by one. And if you also have such interesting apps in your device then please mention the name below in the comment box.


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