About Us

So you have just landed on this about page, means you somewhat get attracted to the website. But this page should be titled “About Me” because there is one person behind the scenes.

Hey buddy this is Ayush Chandra who made this website just for you and firstly I want to thank all of you for showing interest in this Place.

You can say hello to me on Facebook, It will be a pleasure for me.

So what is my Profession?

Till Now I am a freelance SEO expert who mainly works for his personal projects. I started as a SEO guy in early 2014. From my few years of short experience I came to know that it is all about user satisfaction.

Why did I create this site?

To provide a simple but an effective web service to Prank lovers and for those who want to get rid from the boredom quickly.

That’s all, I will not bore you more, so surf the site and enjoy.