6 Websites to Prank Call and Spoof your Friends for Free

So it’s been a tired day for you in the office or school and the only thing that can make you feel relaxed is a bit fun, but there is no one in the home to give you a company. Then why not to prank your friends, but the issue is you have no time and energy to implement this, and this can also hurt someone. But why not to make a prank call right now from your home and hear some never seen before reactions and this will also make your friends to laugh on themselves.

6 Websites to Prank Call and Spoof your Friends

Below are the 6 websites through which you can make a prank call or a fake caller ID/Spoof call to anyone. These sites come with lots of features like voice changing, several scenarios and etc. However, most of them are free for US and users have to pay for calling in other countries.

But is it legal to do a fake ID call?

Of course Yes and Not. If you are not harming or committing any crime then its fine.

1. Prank Dial

This is the most convenient prank call service I found and its interface is so user friendly. You can choose from several pre-recorded sounds and call anyone. It is installed with voice recognition software that gives a feel of taking to a real human. There are two free calls per day and three for those who are connected through Facebook.

Pros: Free | User Friendly | Lots of Recordings | Good Analytics | Recording | Preview Sounds | Listen & Download Reactions

Cons:  Free for Only US

Alexa Rank:  97,917

2. Celeb Dial

It’s the time to amaze your friends, they will be shock to get phone call from a celebrity. The site has pre-recorded sound clips of dozens of famous celebs like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. However its interface is different, when your call is connected, you have to choose the recordings manually from the site. But for now the amazing part about celeb dial is that it’s absolutely free as it is in public beta domain.

Pros: Free | Unique | Listen & Download Recording

Cons: Only for US | Not So User Friendly

Alexa Rank: 908,229

3. Crazy Call

Totally a call spoofing service with the simplest and effective interface, all features are at the homepage itself. Just select the country, caller and caller ID, then you will get a number, dial it and enter the code. There are also many voice changing options to choose. It looks like the service is free and available globally.

Pros: Free | User Friendly | Available Globally | Multiple Languages | Voice Changing Features

Cons:  NA

Alexa Rank: 892,092

4. Prank Owl

Equipped with lots of features along with the pre-recorded prank sounds. You can make a spoof call and even connect two different numbers on a call with fake IDs and save the recoding to laugh after the conversation. There are 3 free tokens for each user, used depending on the call type. I recommend you to must visit this service.

Pros: Free | Spoofing & Fancy Features | Preview Recordings | Listen to other users Reactions

Cons: Free for Only US | Less Recordings

Alexa Rank:  344,022

5. Comedy Calls

As its name defines, the whole concept is based on humor where all the recordings are funny and annoying in nature. The service is free but to take pleasure of advance features like spoofing you have to pay. The highlight I found in comedy calls is the different genres of sounds.

Pros: Free | Lots of Recordings | User Friendly | Preview Sounds

Cons: Only for US & Canada

Alexa Rank: 539,174

6. Caller ID Faker

Just another spoofing service with typical voice changing features, can be a good alternative of Crazy Call. You have a choice to pay to remove ads and to make lengthy calls, however the regions are not mentioned on the site.

Pros: Free | User Friendly | Recording | Voice Changing

Cons: Less Details

Alexa Rank: 1,127,689

Tip: If you don’t want to spend a penny while fooling others all day, use each service one by one and look up for similar sites on Google, there will be few more for sure.

So if you are going or already did a prank call to someone from above sources, then do share the recordings by emailing us. We will publish them here.

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